Reiki is a type of holistic energy healing that channels the essential soul energy that flows through all living things. It promotes relaxation and stress reduction. Reiki supports one’s own ability to heal, physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

Mikao Usui (first row, fourth from the right) with his students.

Reiki History

Reiki was discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese minister, and teacher, in the 1920s. A student asked him what made it possible for Jesus to be able to heal with his hands. Usui had no idea, so he traveled to Mt. Kurama Yama to fast and meditate in order to find the answer. After a series of miracles over the course of 21 days, he discovered the Reiki symbols we use today. Before he died, Master Usui passed Reiki to Dr. Chujiro Hayashi who further organized the system. And before Master Hayashi left the Earth, he passed the Reiki knowledge to Mrs. Hawayo Takata who bought the knowledge to Hawaii. Reiki continues to spread throughout the world.

Despite its Japanese origin, Reiki is available to all cultures and one need not believe in any particular faith or religion.

Reiki honors all beings.

‘Rei’ means intelligence or spiritual consciousness and ‘Ki’ means life force energy.  Although the energy is guided by the practitioner, Reiki knows exactly where it needs to go within your energy body. Reiki is its own medicine and gives you exactly what you need to heal. It cannot harm and is always beneficial.

Reiki is not bound by space or time, therefore, it can be sent without the practitioner and recipient being in the same room. One must simply be open and willing to receive the energy.

What is a Reiki session like?

A Reiki session begins with a conversation about the intention for the session. We start by getting clear on what it is we want to create, call in or release.

Since Reiki is given via touch by laying hands directly on the body or without touch by hovering hands, I’ll ask which you prefer before we begin.

During a session, clients lay fully clothed on a massage table with soft music or ambient sound playing. Relaxation sets in pretty quickly and it’s common for some to fall asleep. Some clients feel sensations like warmth, cold, tingles, or nothing at all. It varies per client and per session. Reiki is a wonderful way to practice trust and surrender. The energy knows exactly what you need. The healing continues throughout the day or weeks as needed.

Some ways Reiki can help:

  • support navigating life changes and transitions
  • anxiety, stress and pain relief
  • self-healing & immunity support
  • increase energy & vitality
  • grief and loss support
  • autoimmune diseases
  • support breaking habits and addictions
  • mental clarity
  • improve sleep 
  • and many more!

Reiki is it’s own medicine and can show up in one’s life in ways that are unique to the individual.

The best way to understand Reiki is through experience!

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Schedule a Session

In Person appointments held at MINKA brooklyn
1120 Washington Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11225

Distance appointments held remotely at an agreed time

Group Sessions are also available at MINKA brooklyn or in your home or office


60-minute Reiki session $111

70-minute Reiki session $122

90-minute Reiki session $144

Distance Reiki session $44

$11 off returning client session

$15 off for client referral

Donation-based sessions are available for BIPOC, students, seniors and helping professionals.

Give the gift of community crowdfunding through my project, Reiki for the Revolution where I donate 15% of the amount you pay directly to organizations working directly on the front lines of social change.

Email to inquire!

Reiki Healing Packages

Healing packages allow us the opportunity to work together during a month or season to intentionally focus on a particular area of your life. This is a great option for those experiencing any stage of transition or transformation or desire to maintain consistent self-care with Reiki.

The Sunshine
Two 60-minute Reiki Sessions + Two Distance Reiki session $222

The Moonlight
Three 60-minute Reiki Sessions + Three Distance Reiki Sessions $333

The Starlight
Four 60-minute Reiki Sessions + Four Distance Reiki session $444

The Soulshine
1-month/season unlimited Distance Reiki $999

We will schedule time to check-in between sessions to assess how you are handling the ebb and flow of the current energies. Together we will create healing space for you to process whatever is out of alignment with your highest state of being.

Gift Certificates

Do you know someone who needs to “relax”? It may be better to say it with Reiki! Giving the gift of Reiki is a great way to help someone you care for experience peace, harmony and balance.

Gift certificates can be purchased for any service or package and will be sent digitally or by mail upon request. Gifts do not have an expiration date.


  • Please fill out this Informed Consent form prior to the first session
  • Pre-payment is required to confirm an appointment. Payments are accepted via cash, Venmo (@tricia-ben-davies) CashApp ($positivelytricia) or PayPal(
  • Cancellations made in advance are eligible for a full refund. Cancellations made less than 24 hours of a scheduled appointment are eligible for a refund of 50%. The balance may be used to reschedule an appointment within 30 days.
  • Please arrive on time or at least 5 minutes before your appointment. Late arrivals may cut into session time.

Ready to try Reiki?

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