Positively Tricia is Tricia Olayinka Ben-Davies


My name is Tricia Olayinka Ben-Davies and I was born in Brooklyn and raised in North Carolina by my parents who both came to New York in the 70s chasing the American Dream that never was.

Their experiences along with my own are a huge part of what drives my committment to healing, justice and community.

I am grateful to my ancestors, teacher and guides for leading me on the road of healing, self-realization and manifesting Heaven on Earth.

I’ll know when we have arrived, when we all arrive.

May we all love, feel peace and be free.

What People Say

“Honestly, I was somewhat shocked by how immediately I felt the energy shift in my body during our session. Over the next few days, It intensified into what I can only call dumb euphoria. I was truly my best, brightest and most loving self. Social anxieties melted away, I took things less personally. It was a noticeable shift and it felt wild! Tricia has a natural, powerful, healing touch. It was my very first Reiki experience and it truly spoiled me. Tricia is, hands down, the best.” – Megan G.

“I’m still thinking about my session with Tricia two weeks ago! That’s how good it was. Tricia’s considerate approach immediately put me at ease. She explains what will take place, asks if there are issues or concerns that bring you to Reiki and ask if it’s okay to touch the body. I left vibrating yet feeling calm and as if I had slept so deeply. I really look forward to my next session with her.” – Tara F.

“I really enjoyed my Reiki experience with Tricia. She is a powerful healer and I enjoyed being under her care while experiencing my energy flow and my connections to life deepen.” -Bill C.

“As a big believer but overall dabbler in energy work, I was interested in trying Reiki after a few sporadic but impactful acupuncture sessions in aid of some deep-rooted blocks of mine that feel ready to shift. I was blown away by the experience– Tricia was the perfect practitioner to re-experience Reiki with after years without. After the session, my roommate stuck to me like a cat in the sun because my “energy felt really good. Like. Really, really good.” During, I entered a dream-like state with intense visions and felt wholly connected to myself and the earth around me afterward; a strong connection to my higher self and spiritual guides, clarity and strength if you will I wasn’t prepared for. I’d definitely try it again–Tricia is a wonderful practitioner and beautiful healer– I’m happy to have found her by chance and wholly recommend her!” – Sarah K.



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